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We are not a huge organization, but we do have great fish! We offer salmon in several varieties. All are line caught wild king (Chinook) salmon from sustainable Pacific waters. Frozen at sea, vacuum packed to seal in all the freshness... fish doesn't get any better than this.
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Wild Red King SalmonRed King Salmon Steak
A splendid example of the popular classic.
Wild Ivory King SalmonIvory King Salmon Steak
Milder in flavor than the red, but every bit as good. A favorite of those who love halibut.
Wild Marble King SalmonMarble King Salmon Steak
Can't decide... have both colors at once. Very festive.
Steaks typically run 14-18 ounces, enough to overfeed a hungry salmon lover or serve two amply. We also have available whole fish, smoked king salmon, salmon fillets, and, in season, halibut.
Wild red King Salmon filletRed King Salmon Fillet
Typically about a pound of our finest red king salmon.
Frozen so fast, it's practically still swimming...
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